7 Things You Need To Know About BRISK WALKING

7 Things You Need To Know About BRISK WALKING

  1. Brisk walking is an aerobic exercise. It is a moderate-intensity workout.

2. Brisk walking can be quantified by walking speed or the number of steps taken in a minute. According to the studies, cadence(number of steps/ min) of 100 or more gives you a moderate-intensity workout. In terms of walking speed, 5-6km/hour is considered good for brisk walking. This speed may be variable depending upon your fitness level.

3. Walking steps can be gauged by using pedometers, fitness trackers, or apps on your smartphones.

4. Ensure good posture while doing the brisk walk- Keep your back straight with shoulders slightly pulled back, eyes looking forward, and chin parallel to the ground.

5. Benefits of brisk walking are numerous. Brisk walking reduces cardiovascular risk factors, improves psychological well-being, helps in burning calories, improves metabolism, and boosts energy levels.

6. Include warm-up and cool down in your brisk walking routine. Do stretch your hams, quads, and calf before the brisk walk. Slow-paced walking can be done along with the stretches of the leg muscles for a cool down.

7. Brisk walking for 30minutes/ day for five days a week is a good goal to start.


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