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6 Causes of Inner Knee Pain

The Knee joint is an important joint that helps with walking, running, jumping, skipping, sitting, and climbing stairs. It has a crucial function in body weight-bearing. The inner knee, also known as the medial knee, is the inside part of the knee. In other words, it is the part of the knee close to your … Continue reading 6 Causes of Inner Knee Pain

4 Benefits Of Abs Workout

Everyone is aware of the benefits of a healthy body and works out hard to achieve this goal. Most people usually focus on the workout involving arms, legs, and the back but miss the abs. Abdominal muscles or abs are a prime group of muscles. It includes rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and oblique muscles. The … Continue reading 4 Benefits Of Abs Workout

Understanding Facial Paralysis

What is a Facial Nerve? The facial nerve is the seventh cranial nerve with motor, sensory and parasympathetic components. It originates in the brain and passes through the internal ear, and enters the face in front of the ear to supply the muscles of the face. All the movements like the closure of eyes, flaring … Continue reading Understanding Facial Paralysis