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Top 7 Exercises For Stronger Hands

Hand weakness is encountered by many in their lifetime. People find it difficult to hold a glass of water, lift their phone, and experience a weak hand grasp. Hand weakness due to neurological causes requires a customized exercise program, though generalized hand weakness is treatable with hand-strengthening exercises. Hand exercises will help you gain range … Continue reading Top 7 Exercises For Stronger Hands

3 Ways To Sleep To Relieve Neck Pain

Neck pain is very prevalent. It can be due to several reasons. But with proper sleep positions, one can ensure good neck alignment while sleeping and can avoid any pain aggravation. Neck pain is often relieved by a good night’s sleep. 1. Back Sleeping (Sleeping on your back)–  2. Side Sleeping (Sleeping on your side)- 3. Avoid sleeping … Continue reading 3 Ways To Sleep To Relieve Neck Pain

6 Exercises For Heel Pad Syndrome

Heel pads on the soles of your feet function as shock-absorbing cushions for the heels. They consist of a thick layer of fatty tissue. Thinning of heel pads due to degenerative changes makes them lose their elasticity and shock-absorbing capacity, which is known as Heel Pad Syndrome. It is also known as Fat Pad Atrophy and is one of … Continue reading 6 Exercises For Heel Pad Syndrome