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7 Best Stretches For Stiff Neck

Stiff neck can result from injury to the muscle or ligament around the neck. Neck stretches help in reducing tension in the neck muscles and in decreasing neck pain. These stretches also improve the flexibility of the neck musculature and improve neck posture. Chin to Chest-Bend your neck forward to bring your chin to your … Continue reading 7 Best Stretches For Stiff Neck

10 Amazing Benefits Of Walking

Walking has numerous health benefits. It is the simplest form of low-impact exercise that can be done by anyone, anywhere. Walking improves cardiovascular fitness and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Walking has shown improvements in muscle strength and endurance. It helps in the toning of leg and abdominal muscles. If you swing your arms … Continue reading 10 Amazing Benefits Of Walking

8 Tips For Healthy Knees

The knee joint is a weight-bearing joint and is prone to wear and tear with aging. This wear and tear results in knee pain, which is very prevalent. The cartilage surrounding the joint surfaces deteriorates as we grow old or due to repetitive stress, trauma, or injury to the knee joint. Being overweight or obese … Continue reading 8 Tips For Healthy Knees