7 Stretches For Dorsal Wrist Pain

7 Stretches For Dorsal Wrist Pain

Dorsal wrist pain is the pain at the backside of the wrist. It can result from several causes ranging from a small ganglion cyst, injuries to the tendon, ligament injuries, fracture of the carpal bones, dislocation of carpal bones, and dorsal wrist impingement syndrome. In dorsal wrist impingement syndrome, the joint capsule gets inflamed and pinched at the back of the wrist when extended. Dorsal wrist pain intensifies with heavy lifting and tight gripping.

Dorsal wrist pain can result from trauma, neurologic causes like nerve compression, or chronic repetitive overuse like in gymnasts, carpenters, or in people doing lots of weight-bearing exercises on their extended wrists (push-ups, planks, etc).

Rest from aggravating activities, Ice therapy, and NSAIDs help along with brace or splint to restrict movement and allow healing. Carpal Stabilizing Taping is helpful with instability, impaction, and impingement syndrome of the wrist.

Stretches for Dorsal Wrist Pain-

  1. Wrist flexion stretch-With one hand, push the opposite wrist down by pressing the back of your hand. Hold for 10-15seconds. Repeat ten times.
  2. Wrist extension stretch-With one hand, push the opposite wrist back by pressing the palmar side of the fingers of your hand. Hold for 10-15seconds. Repeat ten times.
  3. Grip strengthening-Squeeze a rubber ball and hold for 5 seconds. Do ten reps.
  4. Exercising with clay-Roll, squeeze, and spread the clay with your fingers.
  5. Put an elastic band around your fingers and thumb. Then gently move your thumb and fingers out by spreading them apart against the resistance of the band. Do ten repetitions.
  6. Wrist ROM Exercises-Starting position is – your elbow and forearm resting on a table and hand hanging with the palm facing down. Hold a half kg weight in hand. Now gently bend your wrist forward (fist pointing to the floor) and backward(fist pointing to the ceiling) from a neutral wrist position. Hold each position for five seconds and repeat ten times.
  7. Supination-Pronation– With the elbow bent at 90 degrees alongside your body and palms facing upwards, twist the forearm so that palms face down to the floor, and go back to the starting position. Repeat ten times.


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