6 Tips To Prevent Arthritis After Meniscus Surgery

6 Tips To Prevent Arthritis After Meniscus Surgery

A meniscus injury is the most common knee injury. Menisci are cushioning structures that line the knee joint and allow frictionless knee movement. Each of your knees has two menisci. They are semi-circular in shape and act as shock absorbers of the knee joint. A meniscus tear occurs commonly in sports that require frequent twisting and changing positions. Meniscus injury leads to pain and swelling in the knee. Pain increases on bending the knee or squatting. The person also experiences knee instability, a feeling of the knee giving way, catching, or locking when trying to bend the knee. 

Meniscus injury treatment depends on the type, location, and degree of tear. Some meniscus tears involving the outer portions respond well to conservative treatment, while others may require surgery. Repairing meniscal tears by surgery may accelerate the onset of osteoarthritis(OA). Decreased shock absorbing capacity of the joint, increased load at the knee, and altered knee stability post meniscal surgery contributes to increased risk of OA.

  1. Early Physical therapy post-meniscal surgery is crucial for the rehab.
  2. Strengthen your Quads- Quads is major thigh muscle that contributes significantly to knee function. It can be strengthened by
    • Static quads
    • Multiple angle isometrics
    • Straight leg raises
    • Seated knee extensions
  3. Hamstring muscle strengthening
    • Hamstring curls
    • Seated hamstring strengthening with therabands
    • Single-leg bridging
    • Reverse lunges.
  4. Improve balance– Exercises that help with balance are tandem walking, standing on one leg, standing with feet close together, and bird dog exercises.
  5. Improve proprioception and posture control- Do close kinetic chain activities or exercises. In these exercises, the distal end of the body is in a fixed position. For example, Cross trainer, Stationary bike, stand to sit with feet touching the ground. All the balance exercises performed on foam, trampoline, and tilt board aids to improve proprioception.
  6. Maintain a healthy body weight– To avoid unnecessary load on the knee joint.

These prevention tips are essential to prevent the development of osteoarthritis post-meniscal surgery.


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