8 Causes Of Fatigue

8 Causes Of Fatigue

Fatigue is a feeling of extreme exhaustion. It is of prolonged duration and results in decreased energy levels. It is beyond normal tiredness. 

Fatigue has two components, physical and mental. Due to fatigue, a person feels constantly tired, weak, and exhausted. 

Symptoms of fatigue include malaise, generalized body pain, headache, sore muscles, sleepiness, impaired memory or concentration, delayed reflexes, or reaction time.

Fatigue lasting more than six months is known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS). It worsens with exertion, whether physical or mental and is not relieved by rest or good sleep.

Numerous causes of fatigue are possible-

  1. Underlying medical conditions- several conditions affecting the liver, kidney, other metabolic disorders, thyroid disorders, and cancer can cause fatigue symptoms.
  2. Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia and is the leading cause of fatigue in menstruating population.
  3. The deficiency of Vit D and Vitamin B12 also contributes to the experience of overall fatigue in the body. There is general tiredness and weariness feeling.
  4. Depression, stress, and grief are psychological factors that contribute to fatigue. Mental well-being is crucial for overall health.
  5. Lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle.
  6. Lack of sleep- It could be due to some medical conditions, sleep disorders, or poor sleep patterns. Sleep is a necessity for the repair and regeneration of body cells. If not proper, lack of sleep leads to fatigue.
  7. Side effects of numerous medications need a review. Anti-depressants, antihistaminics, and blood pressure medication; can cause fatigue. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy and their side effects can also cause fatigue.
  8. Obesity increases your risk of fatigue.

Fatigue is a symptom. It is crucial to determine its exact cause and treat it to reduce fatigue. Physical examination and medical tests are needed to confirm any medical condition resulting in fatigue. Fatigue affects the quality of life and normal functioning.


5 thoughts on “8 Causes Of Fatigue

  1. I wish it were as easy to get rid of the fatigue as you indicate. I’ve accepted that I’m going to.be stick with it for the rest of my life but I’m learning to manage it so I can have a reasonable quality of life.


        1. Pacing is important for you. Take frequent breaks. Focus on building short term endurance. Gentle strengthening exercises will help. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will help you with sleep. Hope it helps.

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