6 Exercises For Gluteal Tendinopathy

6 Exercises For Gluteal Tendinopathy

Gluteal muscles are the muscles of the hip. Out of the three glute muscles, the gluteus medius muscle is commonly affected in gluteal tendinopathy. It is due to overuse or degeneration. Gluteus tendinopathy is common in players in jumping sports and runners. It also affects people with a sedentary lifestyle. Weak gluteus medius muscle and altered walking pattern causing undue stresses are the predisposing factors of gluteal tendinopathy. The Gluteus muscle helps in the abduction movement of the leg and outward rotation of the hip. This muscle is also crucial for single leg balancing, weight shifts during walking and running.

Pain in gluteal tendinopathy is on the outer side of the thigh. Mostly, it’s a localized pain but can radiate down to the knee laterally. Along with the pain, there is tenderness and swelling. Walking, running, and climbing stairs becomes difficult due to pain. It is painful to lie on the affected side. Exercises to help with Gluteal Tendinopathy are-

1. Bridging– In supine lying with knees flexed and pointing towards the ceiling, keep your arms by your side with palms facing down. Inhale and push through your heels, lift your lower back and pelvis. Your body must be resting on your upper back and shoulders. Hold for five seconds, repeat five times.

2. Isometric Hip abduction exercises– Start with the Supine-lying position (on your back) and place a pillow below the knees. Wrap a resistance band around your thighs, just above the knees. Now try to move your knees apart. Hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat five times.

3. Hip clams-Lie down on your unaffected side with knees bent and pillows placed between the legs. From this position, lift your top leg while the feet are still together. Hold for 5-10 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat five times.

4. Step-ups– Step up sideways using a small stool or stepper, ten reps on each side.

5. Single leg standing– Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Now, lift your foot off the ground. Ensure that the pelvis is aligned and not dropping or hanging. Hold the lift for 5-10 seconds and repeat five times on each side.

6. Side-stepping with resistance bands– Place a resistance band on thighs, just above the knees. Now move sideways 10-15 steps in both directions. Repeat three times.

Avoid – Cross-leg sitting, standing with uneven weight distribution on both legs, sitting on low height chairs, and lying on the affected side.

In the side-lying position, place a pillow between the knees to support the top leg and reduce the stress on the gluteus medius muscle.


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