5 Exercises For Big Toe Joint Pain

5 Exercises For Big Toe Joint Pain

Big Toe joint or 1st Metatarsophalangeal(MTP) joint connects 1st or great toe to the forefoot. It has a crucial role in walking. It helps in foot propulsion. During walking, the big toe joint extends while shifting weight from one foot to another. With pain in the big toe joint, this movement is affected, and it impacts walking too.

The Big toe joint pain can result from many possible causes. Common causes are gout, osteoarthritis of the big toe, rheumatoid arthritis, injury to the big toe, sesamoiditis, bunions, bone spurs, deformities of the foot, stress fracture, and sporting injuries like turf toe.

Treatment of Big toe joint pain varies depending upon the specific cause. NSAIDs, footwear modification, rest from aggravating activities, heat or ice therapy, contrast baths, taping, gentle stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, corticosteroid injections, medications for rheumatoid arthritis or gout, and surgery are such options. Gentle exercises of the foot help you ease your Big toe joint pain.

Toe Splaying– Sit with feet resting on the floor gently. Spread your feet by pulling your toes away from each other, hold for 5-10 seconds and relax. Repeat five times.

Toe Extension Stretch– Cross your affected foot over your other knee. Grab your toes and pull them towards your shin until you feel a stretch in your arch. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat five times.

Toe Squeezing– Use a toe separator, place it between your toes. Now squeeze your toes together. Hold for five seconds and repeat five times.

Toe Curls- Curl your toes, hold for ten seconds and then release. Repeat five times.

Rolling a ball under your foot– Place a golf or rubber ball under your foot and move it forward and backward for a gentle massaging action.

*Get yourself examined and diagnosed before starting any exercise program*


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