10 Facts About Sever’s Disease

10 Facts About Sever’s Disease

  1. Sever’s disease is a condition that causes heel pain in the adolescent age group. It occurs due to overuse; or imbalance between the growth of the heel and the muscles and tendons attached to the heel, the former being fast. As a result, the muscles and tendons (Achilles) overstretch, creating a pull on the growth plate at the heel, leading to its inflammation.
  2. It is also known as calcaneal apophysitis.
  3. It is more prevalent in children involved in sports like football, gymnastics, basketball, or amateur athletes due to repetitive stress. More common in boys than girls.
  4. Heel pain occurs along with swelling and tenderness at the heel. Pain decreases with rest. Sometimes, in severe cases, walking becomes difficult and painful. Children with Sever’s disease try to do tip-toe walking to avoid pressure on the heel.
  5. X-rays help in ruling out the traumatic injury as the cause of pain. Squeezing the calcaneal growth plate from the medial and lateral sides elicits pain, which is diagnostic for Sever’s disease.
  6. Ice therapy, relative rest, NSAID, and activity modification help in relieving pain. Ice should be applied for 10-15 minutes, thrice a day. Heel pads also help by providing cushioning to the heel. For overweight and obese children, losing weight is also crucial. Heel raises help in taking weight pressure of the heel. In Severe cases, a walking cast is prescribed.
  7. Avoid any sporting activity till the heel pain resolves.
  8. Prevention of Sever’s disease is possible with these simple tips. Avoid running and jumping on hard surfaces. Wear good-fitting shoes, discard worn-out shoes. Stretch your hams and calves regularly. Calf stretches can be done in seated and standing position both. Start with seated towel stretch.
  9. Exercises to strengthen the foot also help in the prevention of Sever’s disease and in recovering from Sever’s disease. For example- heel-raises, towel scrunches, and foot plantar-flexion with a resistance band. Foam rolling of the calf is also helpful.
  10. No long-term complications or permanent damage have been found with Sever’s disease.


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