10 Quick Facts About Mixed Tension Migraine

10 Quick Facts About Mixed Tension Migraine

1.Mixed tension migraine is a combination of migraine and tension headache.

2. In mixed tension migraine, symptoms of tension headache and migraine co-exist. The spectrum of symptoms swings between the two types.

3. Mixed Tension Headache falls under the category of Chronic Daily Headache(CDH). It happens frequently, 15 days or more a month for at least three months. It is also known as mixed migraine.

4. Mixed tension migraines are more common in women than men.

5. History and symptoms help in diagnosing mixed tension migraine.

6. Mixed tension migraine is common in people with a history of migraines. Stress is also a precursor of mixed tension migraine.

7. Maintain good hydration levels, a good sleep routine, and regular exercise to manage mixed tension migraines. Besides that, massage and relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises do help.

8. Avoiding triggers of migraine and stress are crucial to prevent mixed tension migraine. Environmental triggers like loud sounds, too much bright light, and overpowering smells are some such triggers.

9. Biofeedback is effective in managing this type of headache.

10. Research has shown that a combination of anti-stress and anti-migraine medications works well for mixed-tension migraines.


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