9 Facts About Diabetic Foot

9 Facts About Diabetic Foot

  1. Diabetic foot is a chronic and dreaded complication of diabetes mellitus. It occurs secondary to peripheral neuropathy in diabetes or peripheral artery disease. It results in foot infection and ulcers.
  2. When peripheral neuropathy occurs, it leads to loss of sensation in the foot. As a result, any micro-trauma can lead to cuts and soreness as the patient has a sensory loss. It can further lead to infection and ulcers.
  3. Foot deformities also increase the risk of the diabetic foot due to increased plantar pressure. Other risk factors include being overweight and smoking.
  4. Regular foot examination for any skin lesion, redness, and infection is of prime importance to prevent diabetic foot.
  5. Controlling sugar levels with diet, exercise, and medication is vital.
  6. Maintain good foot hygiene. Keep your feet dry and skin soft and smooth. Remove any hard skin with pumice stone and trim your nails regularly. Wear well-fitted shoes.
  7. To improve blood flow to the feet, do regular ankle pumps, toe curls, and toe extension exercises.
  8. Antibiotics, antimicrobial drugs, vascular debridement, and surgery are the main lines of treatment for the diabetic foot.
  9. Offloading the foot is required to allow healing of the ulcer. Casting is generally used for this purpose.


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