8 Tips For Healthy Knees

8 Tips For Healthy Knees

The knee joint is a weight-bearing joint and is prone to wear and tear with aging. This wear and tear results in knee pain, which is very prevalent. The cartilage surrounding the joint surfaces deteriorates as we grow old or due to repetitive stress, trauma, or injury to the knee joint. Being overweight or obese is another factor with puts undue pressure on the knee joint and impacts its functioning over a period. It can lead to osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Tightness or weakness of muscles surrounding the knee joint, primarily hamstring and quadriceps, also lead to undue stress and strain on the knee joint. But, all these factors affecting the knee joint can be taken care, by practicing the following simple tips-

1. Maintain a healthy body weight. Keep your Body Mass Index(BMI) in the healthy range. The more you weigh, the more it impacts your knee joint.

2. Do regular stretching exercises for hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and hip flexors to avoid any tightness of these muscles and also to improve flexibility.

3. Strengthen your hamstring, quadriceps, glute, and hip flexors. If these muscles are strong, they can take undue stress and strain off the knee joint.

4. Be careful while playing sports to avoid sudden twisting, turning, and pivoting movements of the knee, especially in sports like football, basketball, and hockey. Do a proper warm-up and cool down before and after the sporting activity.

5.Avoid doing high-impact exercises like plyometrics daily.

6. Regular physical activity is crucial for good joint health. Walking is a good way to maintain range of motion and strength.

7. Wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes while exercising. It will help in maintaining proper leg alignment and balance. Proper footwear is also crucial for the prevention of overuse injuries due to footwear.

8. Listen to your body. If there is pain and swelling in the knee that does not go away with rest, ice, compression, elevation, and anti-inflammatory medication within 7-10 days, consult your doctor immediately.


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