Effects of Exercise On Aging

Effects of Exercise On Aging

We all know that regular exercise is critical to good health. But it also substantially impacts the aging process. Researches have shown a positive association between doing exercise and improved health in the aging population. Let us find out how?

  1. Aging is associated with loss of muscle mass, muscle strength, and decreased physical capacity and performance. Researches have shown that exercise can defy these effects of aging. An improvement in muscle strength helps in being independent and active.
  2. Improved balance helps in preventing falls, which is a major factor in causing fractures in the elderly population. Balance exercises improve balance, posture, and the quality of walking.
  3. Regular exercise prevents or delays the onset of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, and osteoporosis.
  4. Mental wellness is well documented in the aging population with exercise as exercise produces hormones like endorphins, which are stress relievers.
  5. Exercise also improves the sleep quality in the elderly who otherwise suffers from sleep problems like insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns. Better sleep makes you refreshed and energetic.
  6. Regular exercise boosts metabolism and helps in maintaining a healthy body weight.

30-40 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per day is sufficient to garner the benefits of exercise. Focusing on flexibility stretches, balance exercises, and strength training contributes to overall physical wellness. Make exercise a habit to enjoy the aging process and not to suffer from aging. Doing exercise is the best anti-ager.


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