Therabands or Resistance Bands

Therabands or Resistance Bands

Therabands or exercise bands are also known as Resistance bands. They are made up of latex. Latex free therabands are made up of synthetic rubber. They are available in different sizes but usually the standard size is 1.3 meters. They are used for strength training and are also available in form of tubes.

Decoding colors of Therabands

The different colors of the Therabands are related to their resistance.  Depending upon the muscle groups involved and the complexity of the exercise you can chose the required Theraband. 

  1. Tan-Provides lightest of resistance. Used for frail individuals or very early in rehab.
  2. Yellow- Provides the least resistance, good for beginners and in early rehab in physical therapy.
  3. Red- Provides medium resistance. Good for small muscle groups.
  4. Green– Provides heavy resistance
  5. Blue-Provides extra heavy resistance.
  6. Black-Provides special heavy resistance.
  7. Silver-Provides super heavy resistance, usually used by athletes
  8. Gold-Provides maximum resistance, usually used by athletes.

Red, Green and blue are commonly used exercise bands.


Best way to chose the color of Theraband

Start with a color with which you can perform 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions of an exercise. Once you are comfortable with this, move on to the next color.

Uses of Theraband

  • For strength training exercises 
  • For Endurance and conditioning exercises
  • For improving posture and body awareness.
  • For improving balance and flexibility.

Precautions and Safety

  • Consult your Doctor before embarking on any new exercise program.
  • Maintain proper posture and do proper warm up .
  • Don’t use Theraband that is beyond your strength.
  • Don’t do Theraband exercise barefoot, always wear shoes.
  • Inspect the Theraband for any wear and tear, nick or puncture before starting exercise as a worn out Theraband may tear and snap back.
  • Hold or secure the loops of the Theraband tightly.
  • Do not stretch bands 4 times their resting length.
  • Always secure the bands to sturdy or non movable object for exercising.

Benefits of Theraband

  • Easy to carry- They are portable and can be carried easily in purse or bag. Your gym on the go to be specific.
  • Cost effective
  • Whole body workout can be done with the help of resistance bands.

Caring for Therabands

  • Always keep them away from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature.
  • If they become sticky, wash them with mild soap and water, dry them flat and dust a little of talcum powder.

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